Conscious Companies

C3GB is a 501c3 public charity founded on awareness and change. Our events educate influencers and the general public on issues and causes that need our assistance.  Therefore, we want to promote, elevate and appreciate conscious companies who are working in their own industry to create change for the better.

We have several sponsorship packages available for conscious companies to be aligned with our efforts and to receive promotion from our events and our social outreach. If you feel your company represents conscious products or services and is making a change, please reach out about how we may work together.

Local And National

  • National brands will receive exposure across all our national social platforms as well as our popular event shirts. This will be across chapters and the country. 
  • Local brands will receive exposure at a chapter level. They will be promoted at each event and will get local social media exposure from the chapter. 
  • Products or services who want to provide free samples at our events are welcomed for a small fee for organizational administration.


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Our request from you is your time, your compassion and your influence. Where you can't provide your time, financial assistance also gives us the ability to influence more of those in need. It helps us grow, provide more awareness, produce more events, improve your experience and touch more life. 100% of donations go toward public outreach and programming. C3GB is a 501c3 public charity.

Coupla Guys And Gals Give Back is an entirely virtual organization run mostly by volunteers with extremely low overhead costs. Thank you for your assistance!