Coupla Guys and Gals Give Back (C3GB) is a platform dedicated to creating Change Through Compassion. Its where influential people, leaders and those dedicated to doing good unify with the common goal of giving back within their community, to growing more compassionately and spreading awareness for worthy causes. Participating in C3GB events are simple and fun! Our goal is to organize, motivate and empower leaders towards a common interest and across a spectrum of causes. Beyond the “give-back” our participants grow intrinsically through these curated experiences. 

C3GB's platform is designed to organize, curate and design volunteer events across diverse interests and needs. This is unique in it’s design because we are not aligned with any one cause, need or organization. Our members have diverse interests and passions and we produce volunteer activities to provide diverse experiences. We partner with established volunteer organizations with proven track records promoting, enacting and being an advocate for change. 

Different than fund-raising charities, CGGGB’s design is to provide direct-assistance to those in need. There is a connection that occurs when we give back and connect with those we want to aid. Its is our intent to work directly with People, Animals and the Environment to give back, grow our compassion and to spread awareness. An exchange of compassion, non-judgement, acceptance, vulnerability and support that cannot be replicated through financial giving. This exchange is the purest way to better connect with People, Animals and the Environment around us. That reconnection has a global impact and incites change for the betterment of all life. 

Our Big Three

Coupla Guys And Gals Give Back partners with volunteer organizations focused to provide direct assistance in three areas of interest: people, animals and the environment. 



Helping those less fortunate, encouraging and assisting those with disabilities, establishing role models for at-risk children and providing comfort to those abused.  


Connecting with all earthlings, spreading awareness regarding our food system, defending those without a voice and aiding those abused or needing love and care.


Reconnecting with our living world, cleaning up the environment, promoting awareness and knowledge and influencing sustainability. 

Our Values

Providing direct-assistance is only half of our objective. Awareness and experience change perspective and grow compassion. A change in perspective and growth of compassion creates personal and societal mass change. 


We challenge our volunteers to grow in multiple ways by being involved. We challenge you to learn more about real issues and problems in our world and not be swayed by political propaganda or mis-information from commercial interests groups. We challenge you to grow compassionately for People, Animals and the Environment. 


C3GB’s core purpose is to provide direct-assistance. This goes beyond our volunteer events and is meant to be a way of life. We want to directly connect and better understand those around us. Stop and say hello to someone on your street. Take time to help a mother struggling with a special needs child get along with her day. Connect with animals and attempt to understand them as living beings just like you. Pick up trash you see on your street and encourage others to do the same. Direct assistance is a personal choice rather than a societal responsibility. 


Inspiration comes in many forms. Either way to inspire you are uplifting someone to want more of themselves. To push harder, try new ways, the power of positive thinking and to believe in limitless possibilities. Our members inspire those we assist and we also inspire our communities to do more and to grow compassionately. When your leadership inspires others, you just might change the world.

Awareness/ Advocacy 

The easiest route and often status quo is to make snap judgements on topics and issues based on limited information from non-credible sources. Uninformed advocates do more harm than good. We challenge our members to become advocates for truth. That typically requires independent research and credible sources. 


We challenge our members to share their experience and how it made them grow. 

Do not be shy or hesitant. You never know who you might inspire, teach or assist to follow your example. An experience can end that day or it can live on forever by sharing with countless others. 

Be Open

Being closed minded inhibits compassion and often prevents change for good. Awareness and direct experiences provide the most accurate understanding of issues, but we must be open to receiving it. We challenge our members to always be open minded to new understandings and alternative opinions. What may be alternative to some, may just be the truth you’ve been looking for.